Thomas H.
Thomas is currently working on his undergraduate Physics degree. He has tutored for many years in a wide variety of subjects, but finds his specialty in the STEM fields: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. He has also worked with special needs students and in resource classrooms as a tutor and aide. While tutoring, he stresses strong communication and transparency and prides himself on his interpersonal skills. The students success depends on the parent, student, and tutor being on the same page. Thomas grew up playing many sports, primarily ice hockey and long distance running, and eventually helped coached a youth hockey team and trained aspiring runners. He loves the outdoors and rock climbing, and frequently takes camping and skiing trips. He believes that practice and repetition are the key to success in learning any skill, but that self-confidence is even more important. Thomas hopes to instill these values in each student, and enforce the idea that any given student can ace any given test on any given day.
Biology | Chemistry | English | History | Mathematics | Middle School Subjects | Physics | Spanish
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