Tara B.
Tara is currently finishing up the final steps for her Bachelors in Education for early childhood, with a focus on Foundation Phase Education. She is very passionate about the English language including Colonial and post-colonial English, Poetry, reading and writing (from essays, articles, dialogues, and portfolios, as well as how to teach reading utilizing various methods. She also enjoys tutoring biology, geography, mathematics, history, and ESL. Tara has great study skills and loves to teach her students top study skills, engaging both the left and right sides of the brain for a powerful impact. With a combination of teaching and tutoring for over 5 years, she loves to see her students succeed and become passionate and confident in themselves and their capabilities. Being from South Africa means Tara loves and lives for the outdoors. When not tutoring, Tara’s perfect day involves sunshine along with animals, mountains, and a fresh sea breeze.
Biology | ESL | Geography | History | Mathematics | Middle School Subjects | Reading/Writing
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