Britney C.
Britney Cooper (friends call her “Cooper”) is a UC Berkeley alum, where she researched human space travel, and graduated with High Honors, magna cum laude and a Bachelors Degree in Rhetoric. She’s worked as as a tutor for several years, and taught environmental education for six years with the City of Pleasanton, Valley Humane Society, and in her own organization, Cooper’s Community. She is passionate about climate action, human advocacy, and living a purposeful life and finds work with children to be one of the most meaningful ways to spend her time. When she’s not reading books about science, metaphysics, or spirituality, Cooper can be found ecstatic and ballet dancing, walking in nature, creating ballpoint pen art, researching the space economy, writing, and hanging with her three cats (Rocky, Cheeto, and Milo). As a high achiever in school and fervent believer in education, Cooper can help your child with English subjects (college essays, reading comprehension, or general essay-writing), Psychology, History and more. She approaches tutoring from a supportive and personal place with the goal of empowering your child become their best student self through listening, adapting, and supporting his/her unique needs. Her spirit is bright, loving and excited about life, and she looks forward to sharing this and her love of knowledge with your child.
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