Ashley K.
Ashley has recently graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She is an experienced researcher and is currently working remotely with Harvard University and California Academy of Sciences to publish manuscripts. Ashley has given research presentations at multiple conferences including UC Berkeley and Harvard. Tutoring is something she is very passionate about and tends to focus on Math, Science, and English subjects. She has had many past teaching experiences and wants to provide personalized sessions for every student. Some topics she specializes in: • Biology- Anatomy/Physiology, Zoology/Botany, Cell/Molecular, etc. • Chemistry- General, Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, etc. • Math- Algebra I & 2, Geometry/Trigonometry, etc. • English- All levels Inspiring students to become interested in STEM fields is what she strives for every day. She has had past training on teaching all different age groups and believes the best type of learning is through a hands-on approach. Ashley has taught groups as young as first grade up to university undergraduates. In her free time, she loves to volunteer at academic museums, pursue wildlife photography, and travel!
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