Sandra F.
Sandra holds a Doctorate degree in Psychology and Education from Aalborg University in Denmark, in addition to a Medical Doctor degree. She has 15+ years of experience teaching biology, anatomy, physiology and psychology subjects to students of all ages and backgrounds. Sandra uses an interactive and engaging method of teaching that is derived from the “Problem Based Learning” school of teaching. This method helps students develop the needs skills and competencies in addition to gaining the knowledge they need to succeed in their education. Sandra worked as the Provost of American Tech and Management University and of Austin University and she uses her expertise in higher education to help students apply and get accepted in top tier universities in the Bay Area. During her free time, Sandra volunteers in her local community charity projects like organizing trips and activities to visit seniors in the area and providing free career counseling sessions to young adults. Sandra also enjoys hiking, swimming, traveling, reading and a number of outdoor activities.
Anatomy | Biology | English | History | Physiology | Psychology | Reading/Writing
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