Mitchell G.
Mitchell graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a BA in Biology. While at university, Mitchell worked for two years as a Resident Assistant, with a firm belief that hands on work and honesty is the best way to connect with people of all ages and backgrounds. He also interned in two labs, one at UCSC working on invertebrates from Cameroon, and the other at UCLA studying the behavior and neural networks of fruit flies. He also volunteered at Santa Cruz High School as a teacher’s aide in 9th and 10th grade Chemistry and Biology classrooms. Originally hailing from Los Angeles, Mitchell has personally attended over 20 schools in both California and British Columbia and Ontario, Canada, so he believes in approaching students with an open mind and heart, having first hand experience with the diversity of individual students’ learning styles. Mitchell enjoys tutoring STEM subjects, including Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Environmental Science, as well as history and French. On his off days, he enjoys hiking, practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, rock climbing, writing poetry, playing video games, and sleeping in.
Anatomy | Biology | Chemistry | Environmental Science | French | History | Mathematics | Middle School Subjects | Science
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