Alex G.
Alex has a BS in Physics with a minor in Mathematics from UC Riverside, and both a Masters and Ph.D. in Physics from Brown University. At Brown he participated in Experimental Particle Physics research conducted at the Large Hadron Collider in Geneva, Switzerland. As a graduate student, Alex lead Physics Lab courses of ~20 undergraduate students, was available for office hours, and provided one-on-one tutoring in Math and Physics. He has a passion for understanding and describing, through the language of Mathematics, Physical laws and interactions and enjoys sharing that with others. As a result, his expertise lies in teaching Math and Physics at all levels, as well as some Chemistry. Additionally, through conducting physics experiments at the highest levels, Alex has obtained substantial knowledge in Computer Science and Programming. When not tutoring you can likely find Alex practicing guitar, playing board games, or planning his next big international thru-hike.
Chemistry | Computer Science | Mathematics | Physics | Science
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